Partners in (virtual) crime needed..

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Partners in (virtual) crime needed..

Unread post by islandflyer » Wed Jun 15, 2011

My fellow addicts,

I am planning another round the world epic (because I want to get yelled at), and need your assistance.

I would like your suggestions of legs to fly. I currently have 142 sceneries from most major airports across the world, of which 78 are loaded onto the system. However so that it is manageable, I want to limit the flights to 50 points or less. I'll also be flying (where possible) a real route, even if not in the actual airline/aircraft - example, I'm not repeating my DME-OVB (Moscow to Novosibrisk) flight in a Tu 154. I'll also be using my REX, FSPassenger, FDC and AES airports where possible.

Also so that you know, I only have KIN, SXM, and TAB as tier 1 Caribbean points - and SDQ, SJU, BGI and POS as tier 2, so I don't necessarily have to begin in the Caribbean.

Post your suggestions!

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