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[DAE] Venezuela revokes Dutch airline operations license

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[DAE] Venezuela revokes Dutch airline operations license

Unread post by bimjim » Mon Jun 17, 2013

http://m.eluniversal.com/economia/13061 ... ns-license

[DAE] Venezuela revokes Dutch airline operations license

Pursuant to the Civil Aviation Law in force, the Venezuelan Civil Aviation Institute (INAC) decided to revoke the airline Dutch Antilles Express B.V's license to operate in Venezuelan territory after it failed to pay fines imposed by Venezuelan authorities.

Early on May, authorities announced the precautionary suspension of DAE operations.

The fines were meted out after the airline repeatedly failed to comply with routes, time, and frequency of flights as authorized by aviation authorities. Moreover, the company violated general air transport terms on quality and customer service, INAC argued.

The INAC decision was made pursuant to the provisions set out under Section 135, paragraph 3, Civil Aviation Law of Venezuela.

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