Incident: Sunwing B738 near Des Moines on Feb 24th 2012

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Incident: Sunwing B738 near Des Moines on Feb 24th 2012

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Incident: Sunwing B738 near Des Moines on Feb 24th 2012, fuel imbalance
Simon Hradecky
Saturday, Mar 3rd 2012

A Sunwing Boeing 737-800, registration C-FUAA performing flight WG-750 from Regina,SK (Canada) to Montego Bay (Jamaica) with 183 people on board, was enroute at FL350 about 50nm north of Des Moines,IA (USA) when the crew noticed a fuel imbalance in the left hand wing tanks, the #1 tank got depleted faster than anticipated and fuel was being tranferred without crew selection. A fuel leak was ruled out, the total fuel available was found within expectations. The crew decided to divert to Toronto,ON (Canada) and entered a holding to burn off fuel for about 20 minutes but were still overweight. The crew concerned with brakes temperatures requested the longer runway 23 and emergency services on standby. The aircraft landed safely on runway 23 about 2 hours later.

After about 4 hours on the ground the aircraft continued the flight and reached Montego Bay with a delay of 6 hours.

The Canadian TSB reported maintenance determined water contents in the #1 fuel tank had frozen while the aircraft was in Regina being exposed to temperatures below freezing. The frozen water prevented a fuel valve to close thus causing fuel to be transferred. The aircraft was allowed to warm up, all water was drained from the wing fuel tanks and the aircraft returned to service. ... /CYQR/MKJS

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