[Guyana] Gov’t blundered by allowing GAC to fail – Gouveia

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[Guyana] Gov’t blundered by allowing GAC to fail – Gouveia

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[Guyana] Gov’t blundered by allowing GAC to fail – Gouveia
July 16, 2014

Government made a huge blunder by privatising the Guyana Airways Corporation (GAC) and failing to bail it out when the company was in the red, which ultimately led to its collapse. This is the view of Chairman of the Roraima Group of Companies Captain Gerry Gouveia who made these remarks on the July 13 edition of Hard Talk aired on channel 90.1 Love FM.

During the lead up to a discussion on the state of Guyana’s aviation industry, Gouveia said, “In the life of any industry, in the life of any country sometimes mistakes are made and as an aviation professional I would say to you that one of the greatest mistakes this government has made was the privatisation of Guyana Airways.”

He said GAC was a national institution – one that was tied to the heritage of Guyana, one that really pioneered the development of air transportation that helped developed the country’s hinterland eventually moving to the international arena.

“Even after its privatisation, the government should have ensured that Guyana Airways stayed alive, even if we had to change management and strategy,” he added.

Like GAC, carriers such as LIAT, Caribbean Airlines and Air Jamaica were Caribbean institutions that went back decades he said, adding that the collapse of the national flag carrier was the start of a very challenging time in the aviation industry.

GAC was the national airline of Guyana from 1939 to 2001. During this period, it operated services to destinations throughout the Caribbean, the U.S. and Canada. It was declared insolvent in 2001.

The airline had a fleet including Russian Tupolevs to Boeings. At the time of the insolvency of the airline, the fleet consisted of Boeing 757s and 1 Airbus A.300B4-622R.
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