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[Curaçao] Divi Divi Air receives the ‘Air Operator Certificate (AOC)’

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[Curaçao] Divi Divi Air receives the ‘Air Operator Certificate (AOC)’

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http://www.ccaa.cw/news/divi-divi-air-r ... icate-aoc/

[Curaçao] Divi Divi Air receives the ‘Air Operator Certificate (AOC)’
November 16th 2018


On 16 November 2018, Minister Z. Jesus-Leito and the Civil Aviation Authority in Curaçao (CCAA) handed over the ‘Air Operator Certificate’ to Divi Divi Air. With the certificate, CCAA approves the fulfillment of Divi Divi Air of the legal aspects through which Divi Divi Air can continue to use the aircraft for commercial purposes.

With the certificate, Divi Divi Air is obliged to provide the personnel, equipment and systems to ensure the safety of staff and the general public. In the appendix of the certificate is a list of all types of aircraft, the registrations to be used for what purpose, and in which an area an airport or geographical region. Every three years, an airline has to go through the process of certification to receive the AOC.

The local Divi Divi Air operates flights between Curaçao, Aruba and Bonaire. This airline has 4 aircraft: two Britten Norman Islanders and two Viking Twin Otters. The first-mentioned aircraft each have a capacity of 9 passengers, they fly between Curaçao and Bonaire. The latter aircrafts were introduced in February of this year. They each have a capacity of 19 passengers and they fly between the 3 islands. Divi Divi Air flies from Curaçao to Bonaire about 8 times a day and from Curaçao to Aruba 3 times a day.

Divi Divi Air have completed their AOC certification process in accordance with the system ‘Curaçao Civil Aviation Regulations (CCARs), introduced in CCAA in 2015. The airline was the first to receive a certificate in Curaçao according to these rules.

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