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[USA] Woman Defies 'Ban' on Filming Row at Boston Airport

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[USA] Woman Defies 'Ban' on Filming Row at Boston Airport

Unread post by bimjim » Wed Jan 10, 2018

https://ca.news.yahoo.com/woman-defies- ... 38313.html

[USA] Woman Defies Airline's 'Ban' on Filming Passenger Row at Boston Airport
January 9, 2018

Tempers flared at Boston’s Logan International Airport on Friday, January 5, when staff from Porter Airlines threatened passengers angered over a flight delay with the police unless they deleted video of their exchange.

The disagreement was sparked when the passengers suffered a two-hour delay following a mechanical malfunction on the plane, Global News reported.

They were subsequently warned not to film their row with staff from Porter Airlines inside the airport terminal building, according to the report. But passenger Kira Wegler defied the airline’s warnings not to film the exchange. She also retained her video despite demands to delete it.

In her video, a group of passengers can be seen arguing with airline staff. One frustrated passenger can be heard saying; "If you’re going to arrest us for taking a video, call the cops! Call the cops!" Meanwhile, another passenger says; "We’re just here because we’re stuck here."

Moments later, another man says; "People are little frustrated; why don’t you go behind your counter and take care of your customers? That’s what you’re paid for." One airline staff member then responds; "Tell him to delete it [the video] then. Delete it from the trash please".

Porter Airlines has since apologised for the row, admitting demands to delete footage of the incident were "incorrect", Global News reported. A spokesman told the news channel that airline staff mistakenly believed they were following "airport policy".

[Admin: Porter Airlines is a small scheduled turboprop airline based at Toronto's Island Airport in Ontario, Canada.)

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