Belize welcomes nonstop services of Alaska Airlines

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Belize welcomes nonstop services of Alaska Airlines

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Belize welcomes nonstop services of Alaska Airlines
21 November 2021

Belize officially welcomed the one and only Alaska Airlines in the nation. The airline will provide nonstop service to Belize City from Seattle, Washington and Los Angeles, California, making Belize the fourth country to be served through its West Coast hubs.

The government of Belize acknowledged their service and said, “Thank you for choosing Belize, Alaska Airlines.”

Alaska Airlines stated, “Yesterday we celebrated the first flights to Belize, and we kept the party going in Santa Monica! There was 3D artwork, Belizean dancers and drummers, amazing giveaways and nonstop festivities.”

People are very jubilant about this decision, and anonyms told the media, “What a destination. Whoever made this decision is a winner. I like chicken in the street destinations: warm sun, good food, a few beers, and a fishing trip. I’ve been twice. It is going to be so nice to take one airline to run away from the cold.”

On the other hand, The Hopkins Village Road was officially inaugurated this morning. The project entailed the paving of 1.2 miles of road from in front of the GariMaya Gift Shop beyond the Lodge at Jaguar Reef.

The symbolic ribbon was officially cut by Hon. Anthony Mahler (Minister, Tourism and Diaspora Relations), Hon. Rodwell Ferguson (Area Representative and Minister of Public Utilities, Energy, and Logistics), Hon. Julius Espat (Minister, Infrastructure Development and Housing) and Chef Rob represent the business community. The SVG Garifuna Youth Arm provided cultural entertainment.

Additionally, On the Garifuna Settlement Day, govt of Belize happily welcomed all 132 passengers and crew of the Alaska Airlines inaugural flight from Seattle, Washington, to Belize.

Present at the PGIA ceremony were Hon. Anthony Mahler (Minister, Tourism and Diaspora Relations), Mrs Nicole Solano (CEO, Ministry of Tourism and Diaspora Relations), Ms Kennedy Carrillo (CEO, Ministry of Blue Economy & Civil Aviation) and Mr Evan Tillett (Director of Tourism), among other dignitaries.
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