[Guyana] Breach in security protocol at Ogle

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[Guyana] Breach in security protocol at Ogle

Unread post by bimjim » Sun Jan 06, 2019

https://guyanachronicle.com/2019/01/06/ ... ol-at-ogle

[Guyana] Breach in security protocol at Ogle
January 6, 2019

Security protocols at the Eugene F. Correia International Airport were breached to allow People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) member Peter Ramsaroop on to the tarmac on the morning embattled politician Charrandass Persaud left the country following his vote of no-confidence against the government.

Based on a report submitted by Nadira Persaud, who was the Airport Duty Officer (ADO) on the morning of December 22, 2018, Ramsaroop, in the company of Canadian Consul, Richard Beliveau, requested a protocol pass to access the tarmac.

In her report to the airport’s Director of Security, Harold Hopkinson, Persaud said she was on the ‘4:00am shift’ when she was approached by the diplomat and civilian.

“At approximately 4:25, Mr. Richard Beliveau entered the ADO office and requested a protocol pass to see someone off. He lodged his Ministry of Foreign Affairs ID#100863 and was issued Protocol pass #3. Mr. Peter Ramsaroop, who was accompanying Mr. Beliveau, also requested a pass; he lodged his national ID card and was issued Protocol pass #2,” the ADO officer stated in her report dated December 28, 2018.

It was further disclosed that the Ground Security Coordinator, Stacey Smith, was advised via a telephone call that Ramsaroop and Beliveau were issued with protocol passes.

Based on reliable information reaching the Guyana Chronicle, the passes were sought in an effort to allow Ramsaroop to escort the recalled Member of Parliament to the plane, but the act was in violation of the security protocols at the Eugene F. Correia International Airport. Charrandass Persaud was departing for Barbados at the time with his final destination being Canada.

This newspaper understands that diplomats are not issued protocol passes unless they receive special clearance from the Foreign Affairs Ministry. However, diplomats do not have the authority to request protocol passes for civilians.

Beliveau, when contacted by Guyana Chronicle, cleared himself of ever requesting a protocol pass for Ramsaroop. “As far as I know, I requested a pass just for myself,” he said.


Asked whether he requested a protocol pass for Ramsaroop, the Canadian Diplomat said “no, not at all.”

He added: “I got my own pass based on status as a consul, and I got the pass myself.”

However, Beliveau declined to comment when asked if Charrandass Persaud had approached him, as a Canadian citizen, to provide protection ahead of his departure.

The airport’s Director of Security, in a report to the Chairman of the Ogle Airport Inc. (OAI) Michael Correia, said that the entire incident at the airport was video recorded, and footage is available.

Charrandass Persaud, shortly after he voted in favour of the no-confidence motion against the government on December 21, 2018, was facilitated and escorted out of the Parliament chamber by the PPP/C.

Based on photographic evidence, Ramsaroop escorted Persaud out of the Public Buildings and entered a vehicle with him that was parked outside of the Parliament gate.

Ramsaroop was also seen pumping his fist in the Parliament chambers when Persaud delivered the shocking ‘yes’ vote on the motion. Ramsaroop, a known political hop-scotcher, had remained behind Persaud throughout the debate of the motion.

Minutes after voting ‘yes’, Persaud, on the corridors of the Public Buildings, told reporters that he was grossly disappointed in the AFC, the party to which he had belonged before being expelled.


“We are sitting in Parliament like ‘yes-men’ to APNU, and we are AFC,” he said. “And we have not blended with APNU. The other parties have; we have not. The government is APNU+AFC; we have not blended. So why are we doing everything they want to do, like passing Prime Minister Hamilton Green’s Pension Bill?” Charrandass Persaud told reporters.

“We are not saying ‘no’ to anything, and that is what my problem is. I can’t stand that. As Jessica Levy, in the House of Commons in Great Britain said, there are times when you have to vote according to your conscience and not because of party affiliation,” he further added.

But since then, the Guyana Police Force has launched an investigation into a report that the recalled MP had initiated a plan to purchase approximately US$1M worth in gold.

The government has confirmed that there is an active investigation going on. According to News Source, an online news outfit, Persaud, in early December while the National Assembly was debating the 2019 National Budget, had made contact with a friend of his, who has strong ties in the gold mining Industry, to have the gold supplied.

Screenshots with a number belonging to the embattled politician have surfaced and are being used as evidence in the case.

“I need some REAL casreep… not the diluted one… let me know,” one of the messages stated, according to News Source. The messages between Persaud and his friend concerning the purchase of the gold took place between December 6 and 13 days before the no-confidence motion was debated and moved against the government.

Last week, Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan said the police were investigating and closing in on the case of bribery of the former government MP.

He said based on intelligence received, Persaud, who has since travelled to Canada where he is a citizen, was compromised. It is believed that the PPP/C may have been involved.

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Ogle airport ordered to suspend issuing Protocol Passes

Unread post by bimjim » Mon Jan 07, 2019

https://newsroom.gy/2019/01/07/ogle-air ... ol-passes/

Ogle airport ordered to suspend issuing Protocol Passes
Jan 7, 2019

The Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) has directed the authorities at the Eugene F. Correia International Airport to suspend the issuance of Protocol Passes following allegations of a breach in security protocol at the airport on December 22.

The GCAA has conducted a Security Assessment into the matter and has directed the suspension “until this system is further reviewed,” the Ogle Airport Inc. (OAI) noted in a statement on Monday.

Reports are that there was a breach in the protocol to allow Mr. Peter Ramsaroop, a known affiliate of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) to accompany Government defector, Charrandass Persaud to his flight LIAT flight #LI 392.

Persaud fled the jurisdiction after he voted with the opposition in favour of a No-Confidence motion against the Government.

The Ogle Airport Inc. (OAI) in a statement on Monday denied that any breaches occurred.

It detailed that Mr. Persaud arrived at the Airport accompanied by Mr. Richard Beliveau, Mission Security Officer of the High Commission of Canada, together with Mr. Ramsaroop on December 22.

The Diplomat presented his Ministry of Foreign Affairs ID Card to the Airport Duty Officer and requested a pass to accompany a passenger to the aircraft.

Mr. Ramsaroop was issued with a pass in accordance with an established courtesy practice since he said he was part of Mr. Beliveau’s party,” the OAI said.

“The passes were duly returned in exchange for their respective ID documents on their departure from the Airport,” the statement outlined.

It contended that Mr. Beliveau and Mr. Ramsaroop, as well as Mr. Persaud, were subjected to full and complete screening before entering the Departure Lounge in accordance with the requirements of the Aviation Security Programme approved by the GCAA.

Following December 21st No-Confidence vote against the Government, Ramsaroop was also seen escorting Persaud from the Parliament building, Georgetown.

OAI is, in fact, in accordance with its Airport Operations Manual, “responsible for the control of entry into the Restricted Areas and the Prohibited Areas of the Airport” the statement outlined.

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