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For your location (please tell us where that is), which source provides the cheapest fares, best deals, and/or best service? Please provide names, locations and contacts.
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Unread post by bimjim » Fri Oct 09, 2009

In 2007 I wanted to travel to Antigua and then Barbados, and return to Toronto from there (I was buying the Toronto-Antigua and Barbados-Toronto seats with credit card points plus some cash).

For the Antigua-Barbados sector one travel agency told me it could not be done from Toronto, I would have to buy the ticket in Antigua. Another wanted quite a high price because they added quite a surcharge to get me the confirmed reservation on LIAT.

At the suggestion of someone in LIAT in Antigua, I went onto the LIAT web site, looked up the special offers, and purchased up eTickets direct from the airline which was lowest price I could find anywhere. My purchase resulted in an eTicket being emailed to me within a few minutes, and I had confirmed seats for the trip.

Addendum: Even if you cannot find seats on the flight you want, take a printed schedule of what flights are operating before and after your reserved flight. On arrival, go to the nearest LIAT counter - first look for one in the arrival lounge - and see if you can be accommodated on either the next flight leaving or the flight you wanted in the first place. If there have been cancellations or re-allocations (maybe there was an extra plane put in) you may just be able to slide sideways into the itinerary you originally wanted.

Same for departure... if you could not get the flight you wanted, call LIAT's local office the day before and ask if any seats came available. You may be able to have your reservations changed.

Tip: Have your ticket, eTicket or reservation slip at hand... your reservation code/s will be a major help to the airline person you are speaking to.

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