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[Letter] St Vincent’s political persecutor is a failed revolutionary

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[Letter] St Vincent’s political persecutor is a failed revolutionary

Unread post by bimjim » Tue Mar 12, 2019

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[Letter] St Vincent’s political persecutor is a failed revolutionary
March 11, 2019

Dear Sir:

Some revolutionaries capable of getting their revolutions started, for a period have success, but all eventually fail. Some other so-called revolutionaries are often little more than wannabes.

Ralph Gonsalves is glaringly the latter. All his adult life he has tried to emulate Walter Rodney the Castro brothers, Maurice Bishop, Hugo Chavez and today’s Maduro. He also loves the historical communist figures of Karl Marx, Lenin, Stalin and a long list of others.

But to be a real revolutionary you must not just be a believer and follower of others, you have to have guts and courage and definitely lack cowardice. Some say Gonsalves was first contaminated and led into communism by his teacher at university in Jamaica, Walter Rodney, and having his mind crammed with left-wing manure of an ever-increasing stench.

If you analyze each of those names, they are all, each and every one of them, scum to the end degree.

Unfortunately, scum attracts scum, always has done and perhaps ever will. The problem is the Vincentian people are lumbered with this man and try as they may, cannot shake themselves free because of pre-election bribery and gross acts of election fraud by his followers and supporters.

Vincentians are a mixed bunch of the educated intelligent, the ignorant bordering stupid or very stupid, and the greedy who will sell their mothers into prostitution for a few crumbs from the table. The latter three categories are the supporters of Gonsalves which are a minority in Vincentian society. A minority becoming a majority each time an election takes place with the blatant rigging process undertaken by a few dirty people.

It becomes even more difficult when the previous NDP Prime Minister James Mitchell for reasons best known to him supports scum from time to time.

Has someone got a hold over him? Or is he just bitter and wants to ruin his old party and its current leaders out of spite? Whatever the problem, it really is becoming an embarrassment to decency, but joyously welcomed, by Gonsalves and all his rubbish supporters.

Kicking up a stink for the stinkers.

Jolly Green

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