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[Comment] Alternative facts: Gonsalves' own infamous version

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[Comment] Alternative facts: Gonsalves' own infamous version

Unread post by bimjim » Mon Jul 17, 2017

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[Comment] The spread of alternative facts: Gonsalves' own timely and infamous version
D. Markie Spring
July 17, 2017

If not all, much of Gonsalves’ political agenda is mired in his own ineptness and immorality!

This thought is motivated by a recent published article entitled “People decide who governs, not a court ruling”. Perceived as a very interesting topic at a critical juncture when Vincentians were impatiently awaiting the verdict from a court ruling concerning the highly publicized episode of election frauds, I decided to read on.

The author, unequivocally paraphrased Gonsalves’ retort on the judge’s ruling, during the time he was in the studio infecting the airways with his usual mendacious agitprop and attempting, in my opinion, to distract the nation from the truth with his own alternative facts. For too many people, Gonsalves’ rehash went beyond confusion.

As discussions over Gonsalves’ weak and worthless reaction ignited lethal political fumes, many voters voiced this does not come as a surprise – it is typical Gonsalves’ self-propelled political aggrandizement; benighted and meritless.

To fortify the people’s arguments, some older folks were keen in tracing back Gonsalves’ ‘retard progress’ into the political arena and recounted his political admirations as a long and painstakingly frustrating journey marred by continuous rejections following a spate of incapacity to pursue democratic principles and develop messages and strategies pertinent to nation building.

They also herald, after 16 futile years in the prime minister’s seat, at age 70-plus, and nearing his retirement from the political sphere, it is clear, he’ll never get it right. To say the least, Gonsalves has never got it right on the political economy, much less poverty, unemployment, security and health. Neither, did he make an impact on the nation’s standard of living nor even an ounce of progress about LIAT’s continuous failures.

Therefore, considering Gonsalves’ political rollercoaster rides, the language of political discourse among many people encompasses his rise to power, as in 2001, at the time he won his constituency for the first time, Gonsalves was not even the leader for the Unity Labour Party.

Subsequently, many echoed, this shady-like political maneuver between him and the former has been recorded in SVG’s political history books as an unsolved mystery and many are afraid, they will never know what had occurred!

Nevertheless, let’s continue on the subject of falsehood, and repudiate the bas less opinions of Gonsalves, which he’s constantly spitting down the throats of his political base; henceforth, it is necessary to address these apprehensive people directly!

I gathered the article is purporting that the court is useless in this particular case. For the record, as Gonsalves had indicated, “People decide who governs, not a court ruling.” Yes! Of course, in a free and fair election, certainly the majority speaks and decides who they want to govern them, but this is not the case in question.

However, what Gonsalves does not tell you is that in this instance where the election process was apparently thwarted and where there are seeming irregularities and possible election frauds, once brought before the court, it is the judge that decides the outcome. Isn’t this common sense 101?

To bolster Gonsalves’ despairing attempt to mislead the nation once again, let’s retrace his own words; as in the past, he had done well to recant his own testimonies! Earlier, when Judge Cottle ruled in Gonsalves’ favour – not because the petitions have no merit, the judge’s rulings were decided based upon improper filings of the petitions.

In his charade, Gonsalves alluded the nation, and like “Shaggy” he bombastically professed that the judge was right in his conclusion of the petitions, and falsely stated that there were no irregularities in the elections, there was no case to be heard; and therefore, the people must move on. On this account on the ruling of the petition, the judge was showered with praises – remember?

Raising an important question! If the ‘people’ can prove election fraud, is Gonsalves assuring his cohorts that those who are involved will just walked free without any consequences? Is he saying that they will continue to rule as if nothing had happened?

Keep in mind, electoral fraud varies across jurisdictions. In fact, under SVG electoral law, electoral fraud is an offence and any person – it did not say excluding the prime minister, who contravenes any of the provisions under Part VI, which covers electoral offences, from Sections 38 to 56, assured us if a person is guilty of an offence that individual is liable to pay a fine and to imprisonment.

More so, under Part VII of the Electoral Law, the law makes provisions, from Sections 57 to 61, for election petitions. Vincentians must note Section 59, Subsection 2, what it says about what will occur at the conclusion of the trial.

Here, I would further appeal to Vincentians inside the ‘red’ circle – start reading the electoral laws and even the Constitution and stop allowing Gonsalves to sting you with his venomous and inequitable filths. It is falsehood and it is ‘fake facts’.

In my honest opinion, the reason for such impulsive, astringent and cheap remarks is the idea that Gonsalves understands his malleable charmed-circle – that they stood for nothing and would fall for anything and more so, Gonsalves is hopelessly jammed in a desperate corner surrounded by the very same landmines he had planted – he’s already stepping on them and they’re exploding.

Today, those who have been caught up in the fast lane are now becoming mentally deformed from malicious falsehoods and Gonsalves’ successful attempt to reeducate those people have in the process starved the nation of the truth.

I plead to Gonsalves to knock it off! Go home! You have done enough damage to our people and the eco-political arena of our nation.

Seemingly, you are up to no good!

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