Cuba seeks Caribbean branding

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Cuba seeks Caribbean branding

Unread post by bimjim » Tue Jun 21, 2016 ... n-branding

Cuba seeks Caribbean branding
Sean Nero
Tuesday, June 21, 2016

President of the Caribbean Hotels and Tourism Association (CHTA) Karolin Troubetzkoy says destinations across the region are not investing enough in their culinary delights even with the enormous efforts and budgets involved redesigning and augmenting their products and services.

Even though culinary tourism is a reality, she said, tourism experts are not devoting enough attention to this aspect of their offerings, although the power of cuisine is one of the biggest draw cards for vacationers worldwide.

“We are very proud of our event, Taste of the Caribbean,” she said in an interview with the T&T Guardian. “About 13 teams came from various Caribbean islands to compete in culinary arts. I really feel that on the culinary front we need to shout out how far we have come. We have extremely talented Caribbean chefs and I call it the new Caribbean culinary awakening. I am very proud of our efforts there.”

T&T fielded a team at this year’s Taste of the Caribbean held in Miami, clinching Team of the Year and other prestigious awards during the competition held on June 10.

The team led by captain Adrian Cumberbatch won medals for: Chef of the Year–gold, Brandon Maharaj, Chef Jeremy Lovell–gold and Beef Competition winner Kimberly Jagassar, Pastry Chef of the Year–gold, Anneica Mendoza, Junior Chef of the Year–gold, alternate Chef-Adam de Freitas–gold for her seafood dish and silver for the individual cheesecake while Clinton Ramdhan copped silver being adjudged Bartender of the Year.

On another topic, Troubetzkoy said rich Caribbean aesthetics was the prime reason behind the CHTA’s efforts to help Cuba establish its own tourism organisation.

“Many of their efforts are similar to what the CHTA tries to achieve. We deal with matters of advocacy, whether it is taxation in the Caribbean…cost of operation, but most importantly we share a common interest in the marketing of the region.

“Together with the Caribbean Tourism Organisation, we have created After all, we want to see more visitors coming to our islands and have our Caribbean community profit from tourism to their shores. In addition to that we share a common interest in human resources development. We really feel there is tremendous opportunity for the Caribbean to be presented on a platform as the Caribbean brand,” she said.

Troubetzkoy added: “It’s not that we are taking away from the individuality of the destinations, but what we are doing with is to really showcase the amazing diversity that our islands offer to travelers with the message being that there is a lifetime worth of vacation experiences in the Caribbean. Just going to the Caribbean once doesn’t mean you have seen the Caribbean.

“We were very pleased to see the Cubans have a strong interest in that. We have done a very interesting paper on Cuba. The CHTA has recorded Cuba as the Great Disruption for the Good of the Caribbean. There is great opportunity for the Caribbean as a whole with Cuba now opening up to the United States market.”

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