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[T&T] Airports Authority deputy chairman reportedly resigns

Posted: Sat Jun 15, 2013
by bimjim,179175.html

[T&T] Airports Authority deputy chairman reportedly resigns
Saturday, June 15 2013

KURT Ajodha, deputy chairman of the Airports Authority, has reportedly resigned his post yesterday, according to unconfirmed reports reaching Newsday.

The Opposition recently called him a “fraud” and said he did not have the qualifications he had allegedly claimed to hold. Sources yesterday told Newsday that Ajodha had sent a sealed letter stamped “private and confidential” to the Ministry of Transport whose contents remained unrevealed, but which raised suspicion that it was a resignation-letter.

Newsday sent Ajodha a query to his Facebook account to ask if he had resigned, but he did not reply. Newsday called a phone -number publicly listed for an address - 125 De Montagnac Drive, Palmiste, Oropouche East - where he is a registered voter. A woman claimed this was a wrong phone number, and promptly hung up, with the phone remaining “engaged” or off the hook, when Newsday tried to call back.

Transport Minister Chandresh Sharma yesterday told Newsday Adjodha does not possess any university degree although he has done partial studies at the University of the West Indies (UWI), St Augustine, and some online studies at a college in New York.

On Wednesday, Diego Martin North East MP, Colm Imbert, told the Lower House that checks had revealed Ajodha was not known by any of the universities from which he claimed certification — UWI, New York Institute of Technology School of Architecture and the Project Management Institute — and was not registered with TT’s Board of Engineering or Board of Architecture.

Imbert said, “This fellow born in 1979, who says that he worked at Petrotrin, NIPDEC, Hafeez Karamath, Millennium Holdings, IBI Group of Companies, Atlantic Project Consultants, somehow managed to get a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and a Bachelor of Architecture at New York Institute of Technology studying full time in New York and in Trinidad while also working at Petrotrin, NIPDEC and Hafeez Karamath. Mr Speaker, I am reasonably satisfied, the man is a fraud.”

Sharma, who is Airports Authority line Minister, spoke to Newsday from Toronto, Canada, about Ajodha who now is acting chairman since the resignation of former chairman, Gerry Hadeed.

“It is a fact that Mr Ajoda attended UWI and read for a BSc in Engineering but did not graduate,” said Sharma. He said Ajodha had done online studies in architecture at a New York college but this had not led to a degree.

However Sharma claimed Adjodha earns a living from these fields and is allegedly “well- established” in them.

“He is not ‘degreed’ that is a fact,” said Sharma. He added he did not think Ajodha is required to hold a degree in order to be Airports Authority acting chairman or deputy chairman. Sharma said Ajodha had passed years one and two of the UWI Engineering degree but had not done year three.

Sharma could not say whether or nor Ajodha had ever misrepresented his qualifications. “I have instructed my office to obtain from him all the information in support of his CV that he would have submitted.”

Would Sharma check on its veracity? He replied, “Yes, yes. Of course.”

“I want to thank my colleague, Member of Parliament Imbert, for drawing it to our attention. It is to be checked on and attended to.”

Re: [T&T] Airports Authority deputy chairman reportedly resi

Posted: Sat Jun 15, 2013
by bimjim
Eh eh!

Y'all mek me fall off me chair so often now me may haffa go horspital!!

Wait, y'all give way big-big-up position and y'all doh even check credentials? Well, well, well, me had bettah re-write me resume, sah!! An den me can go an look fuh big-big-up position too!!

First lemme get up offa de floor and back to me seat ya... dat's betta! And lemme doh read dis nonsense again today, or me may fall off agen!