Why Sun Country Airlines Has Emerged After The Storm

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Why Sun Country Airlines Has Emerged After The Storm

Unread post by bimjim » Sun Apr 24, 2011

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Why Sun Country Airlines Has Emerged After The Storm
April 24, 2011

Sun Country Airlines is a smaller air carrier based out of St. Paul Minnesota serving destinations in the United States plus the Caribbean and Mexico. This superior little company has won industry awards for several years running. You may recognize them as an airline that offers great service for people who need to stay on a budget which is something they’ve fought hard to maintain. For example, Sun Country Airlines has earned a top ten spot in Travel & Leisure for four years straight. But that is not all – Conde Nast Traveler has chosen Sun Country Airlines for top honors for three years in a row. we will give you a tiny look into this airline and how they put the customer first.

All you have to do is read what is written on Sun Country’s website, and you will have a better idea of the business principles guiding them. It really all boils down to old fashioned customer service, and part of that is providing a good service. They even say it directly on their website that they believe all passengers should enjoy flying and be served well. We feel that says a lot, and they have the various awards received in consecutive years that prove they make good on those words.

Sun Country Airlines got its start by former Braniff Airlines employees in 1982 after the latter went under. They simply wanted to start their own airline which they did thanks to the support of Minneapolis/St. Paul businessmen. Their beginnings were humble, indeed, and their only destination was to Las Vegas. They brokered a deal with a local travel agency to book flights to the gambling mecca. The amazing part is it only took them a few months to start turning a profit.

Of course there are numerous programs with Sun Country, and among them is Sun Country Charters. They do have a lot of experience with chartered flights because they first became involved with them about 25 years ago. Sun Country has a tremendous amount of experience in this area and they know what they are doing.

In fact, since they have been involved in this unique area of flight services for so long, they have long since earned international acclaim for the high quality of their various charter programs. They have performed valuable services for educational institutions as well as foreign officials. So that gives you an idea about how much they are trusted.

Maybe it is normal, the story of Sun Country Airlines, because we all have dreams and then we work to make them happen. The roots of Sun Country came from former employees of Braniff Airlines. There have been very many highs and lows in the company’s history. So it is no surprise that they received tremendous recognition over the years for all they have done and contributed. Now that here in late 2010 this company has been reorganized under bankruptcy, let us hope smoother sailing is ahead.

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