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[GCAA D-G] Aviation sector must grow despite challenges

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[GCAA D-G] Aviation sector must grow despite challenges

Unread post by bimjim » Sat Sep 02, 2017

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Aviation sector must continue to grow despite challenges – GCAA Director General
Sep 02, 2017

It is no secret that the domestic aviation sector has been experiencing a challenging time recently. This is as a result of the three recent plane crashes in the interior. On all three aircraft, the pilot was the sole passenger conducting shuttling operations. Two of those accidents have been fatal.

Despite this, Director General of the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), Retired Colonel Egbert Field believes that the aviation sector must continue to grow in an organised manner.

Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday regarding the accidents, Field said that if the aviation sector is not controlled and properly regulated, it will grow like a wild tree “…otherwise we’ll have like a tree that is not trained, it will grow wild and start to encroach into the fence, and so we want it to be organised and structured, and that is why the Civil Aviation Authority is taking the measures and the steps it is taking.”

Field reiterated the point that shuttle operations are very important to the development of Guyana. He said that across the country’s 83,000 square miles, most of the rivers are not navigable, and there aren’t enough roads in the interior locations. “It’s all jungle territory or savannah. So, aviation is what will build this country.”

The Director General made reference to the recently concluded study done by Oxford Economics Limited which found that the aviation sector in Guyana contributes $20.6B to the country’s Gross Domestic Product.

“The first sentence of that study, of that report, said aviation plays a significant role in the development of Guyana. We’re cognizant of that, but at the same time it plays a significant part, it has to grow, but it must grow in an organised manner.”

Moreover, Field reflected on the scenes at the funeral of the recent victim of an aviation accident, Captain Imran Khan, and offered personal experiences as a pilot in Guyana. He said that the funeral was sad and sorrowful, and he expressed that Guyana cannot afford to lose its young sons in such a manner.

He said that the Authority will take every step and implement every measure within its power to ensure that aviation remains safe and that the travelling public is flown in a safe manner.

“I have flown this jungle for over 20 to 30 years and I know it is unforgiving. My son has flown these jungles and I knew that when he came here I had to talk to him and monitor what he was doing, and even though I was in Jamaica at the time he was here, I did not fail every day or every other day to get on the phone to speak to him, to let him know no chances must be taken. If it looks too good take a second look. Don’t fly in clouds below the safe altitude, check your aircraft before you depart. If you aren’t sure of the load on-board, ask that every item be taken off and weigh it before putting it back on.”

Field repeated his position that the GCAA will continue to work hard to bring safety to the flying public. A temporary ban has been placed on all interior shuttle operations until operators submit their documentation of their shuttling procedures to the GCAA for review and approval.

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