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Air Turks & Caicos not associated with Turks & Caicos A/W

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Air Turks & Caicos not associated with Turks & Caicos A/W

Unread post by bimjim » Sun Jul 05, 2009


Air Turks & Caicos not associated with Turks & Caicos Airways

Air Turks & Caicos, an InterIsland Aviation Services Company has frequently been compared or even mistaken for Turks & Caicos Airways, also called TCA, which no longer operates its own fights but serves as a ground handling agency for American Airlines.

Last week the Turks & Caicos Weekly news published an article titled “Airport worker caught stealing checked luggage” which highlighted the arrest and conviction of TCA employee Leaford Logan for stealing checked bags scheduled to leave on an Air Turks & Caicos distained for Cap Haitian, Haiti.

This article was published as fact, when there were several discrepancies with the story and an unfair implication of Air Turks and Caicos involvement in the incident.

Peter Ford, former General Manager of Air Turks and Caicos and newly appointed as Vice President of sister company, Flight Support, Ltd. was repeatedly quoted as a manager of TCA in this article. Mr. Ford’s company actually provides ground handling services for Delta, US Airways, Continental and all other commercial and charter airline onto Providenciales except for AA, which is handled by their competitor, TCA. As an executive first at the helm of Air Turks & Caicos and then Flight Support, Ltd., Mr. Ford has been a positive in the growth of both companies. Therefore, any association with TCA automatically implicates Air Turks & Caicos involvement by the general public.

Elanor Finfin, Public Relations representative for Air Turks & Caicos advised that ‘any confusion as reported by the Weekly News between TCA and Air Turks & Caicos incorrectly implicates Air Turks & Caicos as the perpetrators of a crime when in fact we were the victim. Our name is a strong part of our image, we have worked hard to build our brand equity, and therefore, it is imperative that we are not associated with other company that does not fall within our service group.” She further stated, “we do take full responsibility for our actions and compensate for inconvenience we may cause, however, it is unfair to take the blame for dishonesties that we have taken the initiative to bring to light, we are not Turks & Caicos Airways and we are in no way connected to that organization.”

Although Ms. Finfin contacted the Weekly News promptly to inform them that they had confused the two companies and incorrectly implicated Air Turks & Caicos, the newspaper reporter responsible has to this date refused to retract or correct her story. Ms. Finfin further noted that the reporter did not contact Air Turks & Caicos official to verify her facts before going to print.
“Responsible journalism requires a fair and balanced story and if mistakes were made in reporting this information, we believe a retraction or a follow up to this error should have been done promptly” she said.

Air Turks & Caicos would like to remind its valued customers that they are not Turks & Caicos Airways, nor are they associated with the organization. Air Turks & Caicos is a national carrier that proudly serves the Turks& Caicos Islands and provides exceptional quality services for its valued customers.

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