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Official Confirms Bahamasair Pilots Took 'Evasive Action'

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Official Confirms Bahamasair Pilots Took 'Evasive Action'

Unread post by bimjim » Thu May 24, 2018

http://www.tribune242.com/news/2018/may ... evasion-a/

Official Confirms Bahamasair Pilots Took 'Evasive Action'
Thursday, May 24, 2018

Delvin Major, head of the Air Accident Investigation Department at the Department of Civil Aviation, has confirmed that Bahamasair pilots took "evasive action" Tuesday afternoon in an incident involving a Silver Airways plane.

"There was an incident involving Bahamasair and Silver Airways where evasive action had to be taken but the extent and anything else I couldn’t say because I haven’t gotten the report or was able to speak to the pilot at this time but we are actively investigating it," Mr Major said Thursday morning. Officials, when contacted Wednesday, said they were unaware of such an incident.

A passenger on board Bahamasair flight BHS137 told The Tribune about it early Wednesday morning. He said he was alarmed by what happened.

"I think something like that, it should be noted and the matter should be looked into," he said. "You cannot make those kind of errors in aviation. The day could have caused triple times more mourning than in the Andros situation so I definitely feel like they should be cautioned and some questions should be asked."

On Thursday night, Sky Bahamas CEO Randy Butler said if the claim is true, it would represent a serious breach of safety protocols. "If that happened the way (the passenger) described that, a lot of systems and people failed," he said. "That’s something like, let’s check that system before the next flight so we have safety notices right away."

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