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Friend: Heart-breaking to leave

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Friend: Heart-breaking to leave

Unread post by bimjim » Mon Jan 18, 2010

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Friend: Heart-breaking to leave
Sunday, January 17th 2010

Director General of Civil Aviation Ramesh Lutchmedial says it was ’heart-breaking’ to leave Haiti after having survived the 7.0 earthquake that struck the country on Tuesday, without any word on the whereabouts about his friend and fellow countryman, Gregory McAlpin.

Speaking to the Sunday Express yesterday, Lutchmedial expressed his hope that McAlpin would be rescued from the rubble of the Hotel Montana in Port-au-Prince which collapsed during the earthquake.

’We’re very close friends. We worked together at BWIA. It was heart-breaking to leave him,’ Lutchmedial said.

McAlpin, who is the director of Flight Safety for the Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority (ECCAA), was in Haiti along with the authority’s director general, Rosemand James who is from St Lucia, when the earthquake struck.

Lutchmedial was travelling in a vehicle towards the hotel when the earthquake struck and escaped the building’s collapse.

’I know the relief effort has be en very much intensified at the Montana hotel. I am very optimistic, I feel that he would be rescued there along with Rosemand James,’ Lutchmedial said.

He said he and the others who were attending the Caribbean Aviation Safety and Security Oversight System (CASSOS) meeting in Haiti when the earthquake struck slept in a tennis court near the hotel on Tuesday night and were preparing to sleep on the grounds of Haiti’s Civil Aviation Authority on Wednesday night when a plane from Jamaica, sent by Digicel for its workers, arrived.

’It is good to be home. It was nice to be home. I really have to thank God, but my heart goes out to the people still there,’ Lutchmedial said.

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