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FAA orders 737 operators to replace passenger service units

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FAA orders 737 operators to replace passenger service units

Unread post by bimjim » Mon Oct 17, 2016

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FAA orders 737 operators to replace passenger service units
October 14, 2016

A proposed FAA directive would require airlines to replace the passenger service units in 1,087 Boeing 737 aircraft. Such units sit above passenger seats and house light switches, air conditioning vents and oxygen masks, among other items.

The directive, published Thursday in the Federal Register, came after the FAA reviewed several reports of the units becoming detached from the supporting airplane structure, the FAA said. “These incidents resulted in injuries to passengers’ faces and heads, which may have occurred when the [passenger service units] became dislodged and encroached into the passengers’ occupiable space,” the Federal Register notice says.

The FAA estimates that the repairs would cost U.S. airlines nearly $27 million. Southwest and Alaska Airlines exclusively fly 737s, and American and United operate hundreds of 737s.

In an email, Boeing spokesman Tom Kim noted that the company issued a service bulletin regarding the passenger service unit problems to its customers in 2015. “Our recommendations, however, are not binding. Only a regulatory agency has the authority to require them. That is what the FAA's rule does,” Kim wrote. “Boeing works closely with the FAA to monitor the fleet and take appropriate actions.”

The FAA is accepting public comments on the proposed directive until Nov. 28.

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