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Santo Domingo Streaker

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Santo Domingo Streaker

Unread post by ACAV8R » Mon Sep 08, 2008

I was the F/O on a B727-200 from YYZ-SDQ [Santo Domingo]. Thru-the-night flight. Somewhere south of NAS, the purser comes up and asks the skipper [newly-divorced] if he would receive a visitor [pre-9/11 days]. Sure, says our suave and debonair commander. I am the PF and the S/O is busy with fuel checks. Cockpit nice and dark so we can see those TCU's that don't show up on the radar.

Door opens and then closes. I look around to say hello to our visitor and in the glow of the lights I see that she is butt-naked! I say, "Hello, do you normally walk around on board aircraft without any clothes on?"

Captain's body stays facing forward but his head does an immediate 180. S/O starts eating his wax pencil. O'head fluorescents go on and, sure enough, our guest [body a 9, face a 4] is standing there stark-born naked. Skipper asks what gives, she says that it was a dare by her travelling companion. I, being a former Toronto Police Officer, discreetly call the galley F/A [female] and ask her to come into the flight deck and close the door, which she does, standing facing into the flt. deck with her back to the door.

Chit-chat for a few minutes by which time our streaker is getting chilly. She says she's going back to her seat but before she goes she needs proof that she's been up here naked [there were some $$ at stake in the bet]. Ask for one of us to autograph her anatomy. Captain demurs, as do I. S/O by this time has eaten his wax pencil so all he has left is a black felt pen, and says that he'll do the honours. Where? She jumps up on the jump-seat, kneels down with her butt in his face and says, "Right here," pointing to her right buttock. S/O signs his full name in appointed location. Streaker leaves. I say to the S/O, "Man, why did you write your real name? At least you could have written the name of the V.P. of Flight Ops."

By this time another F/A, quite indignant at the whole episode, comes tearing up to the flight deck threatening to report us all. Then she sees the other F/A who's still standing quietly behind the door, and who says, "It's OK Mar...a, I've been up here the whole time."

Landing in SDQ and return flight to YYZ very uneventful. Streaker seen in arrivals hall in SDQ looked very sheepish when skipper and I walked by to get the flt plan.

Few days later, the captain and I get a call from the Chief Pilot to confirm our version of events [F/A had reported us]. All he said to me was, "Lucky B@$t@.d$, why do these things never happen to me?"

That's the story of the Santo Domingo Streaker!

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Unread post by islandflyer » Mon Sep 08, 2008

That sort of stuff will never happen in the cockpit for a Cessna! (Talk about up close & personal! :D )

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