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The LOW cost of learning to fly!

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Wild Bill
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The LOW cost of learning to fly!

Unread post by Wild Bill » Wed Aug 06, 2008

This is for you guys paying huge sums for learning to fly. Especially anyone from Europe!

In 1972, after returning from Vietnam, I was able to use my G.I. Bill to recieve flight instruction.

The G.I Bill paid 90% of all instruction. This is what I had to pay...

$1.40 per hour for a solo Cessna 150 WITH fuel. That's one dollar & 40 cents per hour.

$1.70 per hour for dual Cessna 150 instruction with fuel & instructor.

$9.00 per hour for Cessna 310 multi-engine instruction with instructor & fuel.

Just thought I'd make you jealous. Remember, serving one's country is not always a bad thing. It can be very beneficial.

Bill Catalina
Tallahassee, Florida

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