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DC-8s in the cold

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DC-8s in the cold

Unread post by islandflyer » Sun Mar 23, 2008

Here is one for ya...

So I'm sitting cross legged on the wing of a DC-8-63 with a note pad and pen making sketches in a hanger in North Carolina in February. Its grey and snowy outside and the bare metal is rather cold. Why, you might ask, am I there? Simply put, there are no other DC-8's undergoing maintenance right now, where the flaps are removed so I can see and map the correct piping run for the hydraulics for the thrust reversers on our own DC-8 project aircraft back in Orlando.

The workers on the floor keep looking up at me, maybe because what I'm doing seems so...odd. Or that I'm the only black guy in this place. Or because there are already about 4 or 5 twisted pieces on soft wire on the hanger floor as templates to ship back to MCO for our tool room to fabricate. Or maybe because I actually work for the competition. Or at only 25 years old, I'm walking around with the ABEX Rep like I own the place. Whatever the reason, I can't wait to get out of there and back to MCO tomorrow...

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