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Advisory: Avoid the United Airlines Experience!!

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Advisory: Avoid the United Airlines Experience!!

Unread post by bimjim » Sun Jul 20, 2014

Advisory: Avoid the United Airlines Experience!!
20 July, 2014

Below is an experience my wife and I had on United Aliens (Airlines) in June.

JUNE 12TH 2014 / ORD-EWR / UAL 884
  • § Flight announced as delayed due to maintenance being done on a late arriving aircraft.

    § I approached the gate desk and waited in line to discuss our connecting flight with the agent.

    § After the agent completed the transaction with another passenger at the front of the line, he shouted out to the remaining persons in line “I’m sorry folks, we have to go to our other assignments and you can go to the CS desk down the concourse”. He walked off.

    § I proceeded to the CS desk as instructed and explained our predicament to the agent. I suggested they allow us to stay in Chicago overnight as our host was living 15 mins from the airport. We could then fly out early the next morning to IAH to catch UA1457 to POS. However she advised me I should still go to EWR as many flights were being delayed and it was a possibility UA1505 was delayed which might still allow us to make our connection. I was honestly under the opinion she knew our POS flight was delayed but didn’t want to tell me directly.

    § When we finally were allowed to board, the gate agent advised us there was no more space on the aircraft for carry-ons so they had to tag our bags directly to POS. We obliged.

  • § We arrived EWR at 0000 hrs. and rushed to the gate agent upon exiting the aircraft only to be advised that UA1505 had departed on time. We were advised us to rush to the closest CS desk as they would be closing shortly.

    § We got there shortly after and much to our delight it was still open. There were 2 agents attending to passengers and we were next in line.

    § After waiting there for approximately 15 mins, and the disappearance of one of the agents, the remaining one asked whether we were domestic or international to which we replied Int’l. Then he said “My time is up and I am leaving after this passenger. There are other customer service desks around the concourse that would still be open and be able to help you.”

    § At this point I got really annoyed and told he should have said that from the beginning and not have us standing there so long. He just calmly replied “Okay” and continued dealing with the PAX. No apology, no sign of empathy, nothing! He made it evident he just didn’t care, similarly to how they behaved in “United Breaks Guitars”.

    § Being the first time in EWR, we had no clue where to go and depended on a cart driver to take us to the closest operable CS desk.

    § We explained our situation once again to the agent and she booked us on UA404 to IAH which was departing a 8:54AM, at which point I asked her whether we would be accommodated in a hotel for the night. She sternly replied “NOPE!, because it was weather”. I indicated to her that in ORD they stated it was maintenance on a late incoming aircraft. She insisted it was weather and we were not entitled to accommodation or meals. She told us we could sleep on the concourse and offered us pillows and blankets. Again, no apology, no sign of empathy.

    § Unrelated to us, there was another PAX at the desk next to us who clearly was becoming irate about some issue. I was appalled at the rude manner in which your staff spoke to him and to my horror, our rep turned to the rep dealing with him and muttered quietly in a sarcastic laughing manner “You know what?, I would walk away from him. You don’t need to listen to that this hour of the night, honestly.” I WAS SHOCKED!! Did this woman realize regardless of a PAX manner, they are paying her? Walk away from a troubled customer? The guy wasn’t swearing, shouting or hurling rude comments. He clearly was just upset.

    § After spending the night on the concourse, catching our flight to IAH (which was late, nearly causing us to miss our IAH/POS connection, which was also delayed) we finally made it to POS.

    § All this time we had no change of clothes, toiletries, nothing as our hand luggage was taken from us in ORD.

    § We arrived in POS only to find none of our luggage arrived with us, NONE.

    § 2 pieces arrived on the 14th and the other 6 on the 15th.
Feel free to use our experience in anyway beneficial to your company’s training and marketing facilities.


Philip M.

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