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15 things you should never put on your resume

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15 things you should never put on your resume

Unread post by bimjim » Mon Jul 11, 2016

http://careertracing.com/15-things-you- ... ur-resume/

15 things you should never put on your resume

The curriculum is essential for those who are looking for work, and while it does not ensure the position, is a supplement that summarizes professional life and then is approached in an interview. However, this tool is the first filter that companies have to choose candidates.

Under this scenario, the site uptodatejobs compiled 15 things you should never put on a resume, and that could be grounds for not to call candidates.

1. Do not put your goals:  If you applied, you obviously want to work. However, if you are applying for an industry that has not worked, it may be useful to include a summary.

2. Remove all irrelevant work experience:  You might have been "the king shakes" in a previous job, but unless you’re planning to redeem the title, it’s time to get rid of all that clutter.

3. Skip the very personal information:  Do not include your marital status, religion or social security number. This was already in the past, because it is now illegal for the employer to ask that, so it is not necessary to include.

4. Do not list your hobbies:  Yes is not relevant to the job to which you are applying, it is a waste of time and space for the company.

5. Avoid putting your age:  If you do not want to be discriminated against in a working position by age, it is time to remove the graduation date.

6. Do not include references:  If your employer wants to talk about references, he will ask. Also, would try to connect with your references and advise them that a future employer can call them .

7. Do not use personal pronouns:  Your resume should not include the words I, me, her or me. Do not write your resume in third or first person. It is understood that everything that is post is about you and your experiences.

8. Do not include an unprofessional email:  If you are using an old email box as Beerlove-rxyz@gmail.com or Cutechick4life, it is time to choose a new one.

9. Do not categorize phone number:  No reason to put the word phone in front of the number. The same applies to the mail.

10. Do not include contact your current job:  This is not only dangerous if not that stupid. Do you want employers call you at work? How are you to deal with that ?. Besides his current boss you can monitor your emails and calls.

11. Do not include salary expectations:  The information is completely unnecessary and can send the wrong message.

12. Avoid outdated sources:  Do not use Times New Roman and Serif Fonts because they are outdated and old fashioned. Use a standard as Arial.

13. Do not use buzzwords:  Recently CareerBuilder 2,201 managers asked what was the term most used. They cited words and phrases such as "best", "entrepreneur", "open-minded" among others.

14. Do not include your qualifications:  Once you are out of college notes are irrelevant.

15. Do not attach a a picture:  This can become normal in the future, but now is just strange, distasteful and generates distraction.

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Re: 15 things you should never put on your resume

Unread post by WillCor » Wed Aug 31, 2016

I knew most of that but some of it came as a surprise to me, I had no idea

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