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[Job Tips] Does Your Resume Pass the "Skim Test"?

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[Job Tips] Does Your Resume Pass the "Skim Test"?

Unread post by bimjim » Sat Oct 17, 2020

[Job Tips] Does Your Resume Pass the "Skim Test"?

JT O'Donnell
CEO of WorkIt Daily.com
Career Coach | Outplacement
Job Search Specialist
Employer Branding | Human Resources

Resumes are a necessary evil.

It's the career document we love to hate.

Nobody feels comfortable writing about themselves.

It's tempting to hire a resume writer.

But doing so can kill your chances of landing the job.

Instead, you should take the time to write it yourself.

Here is one of my top tips to see if your resume is interview ready.

Your resume must past the 'Skin Test'.

Grab a friend who doesn't know what you do for work, and a stopwatch.

Give the person a copy of your resume.

Then, give them only 6 seconds to look at it, take it away.

Why 6 seconds?

That's how long recruiters spend on your resume initially.

They skim it for key information.

If they like what they see, the go back and read it a bit more carefully.

If not? You get tossed.

Does your friend get a good sense of what your key skills are?

If not, you know your resume needs work.

The key to a more readable resume is to have more whitespace.

Don't cram everything in and use tiny fonts & small margins.

Create whitespace around simplified, keyword-specific text.

A 2-page resume w/ whitespace is better than a 1-page one that's impossible-to-read

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