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British Airways, cabin crew settle dispute

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British Airways, cabin crew settle dispute

Unread post by bimjim » Thu Nov 02, 2017

http://atwonline.com/labor/british-airw ... le-dispute

British Airways, cabin crew settle dispute
Alan Dron
Nov 1, 2017

One of the longest-running industrial disputes in UK aviation history has been resolved, after British Airways (BA) cabin crew voted to accept a pay increase.

The dispute, which began in December 2016 and led to more than 80 days of strikes of steadily increasing length, involved mixed fleet staff, who work on both short- and long-haul services from London Heathrow airport. Mixed fleet staff makes up around 15% of BA’s cabin crew.

At the outset of the industrial action BA said mixed fleet staff typically earned £21,000-£27,000 ($27,800-$35,700) annually. The Unite trade union disputed this, saying salaries were as low as £12,000, plus £3 an hour flying pay, taking the total to around £16,000.

While the pay demands were largely resolved by mid-2017, union members refused to return to work because of what they described as sanctions by BA against strikers, including removal of staff travel benefits.

Unite said Oct. 31 that members had overwhelmingly voted to accept a pay deal that would give them salary increases of £1,404 to £2,908 ($1,862 to $3,859) by March 2018.

The deal also saw travel concessions and entitlements to fully participate in the airline’s 2017 bonus scheme returned to cabin crew who took industrial action.

“A great deal of credit should go to Unite members and their shop stewards in British Airways’ mixed fleet for their determination and solidarity in securing this settlement,” Unite general secretary Len McCluskey said.

British Airways, which maintained that services were largely unaffected during the strike and the carrier had brought in wet-leased aircraft from other airlines to plug holes in schedules, said: “We are pleased the dispute has been resolved.”

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