Fire scare sends Air Canada passenger plane back to Barbados

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Fire scare sends Air Canada passenger plane back to Barbados

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Fire scare sends Air Canada passenger plane back to Barbados
Friday, Feb. 06 2015

An Air Canada passenger plane leaving Barbados for Toronto with 203 people on board had to turn back shortly after takeoff Thursday because of a fire scare.

Flight AC 967, a twin-engined Boeing 777, normally leaves Grantley Adams International Airport around 4:30 p.m., heading for Toronto’s Pearson International.

Private jet charter executive Bassam Al-Sarraj, who has been in contact with someone who was aboard the flight, said his friend heard a “bang.” “There was some shaking and the aircraft didn’t get very high. Turned around and landed,” Mr. Al-Sarraj said.

The flight had to return to the airport but is expected leave again Friday morning, said an official at the Barbados Civil Aviation Department.

According to local media in Barbados, the pilot had to make an emergency landing after a sensor in the cargo hold indicated that there was a fire.

“The pilot elected to return to Barbados as a precautionary measure after receiving a cargo hold indicator warning,” said Air Canada spokesman Peter Fitzpatrick. “The landing was normal and our maintenance crews did inspect the aircraft, there was no fire.”

Some local residents were startled by the appearance of the returning plane, Barbadian media reported. “I see the plane real low and pilot like he was trying to raise it and he fly and went over the rest of houses ... the noise alone sounded like an impact,” one woman told the Nation newspaper.

Mr. Al-Sarraj, who is a pilot, said a large aircraft like the Boeing 777 would appear to be very low to people on the ground as it comes into the airfield traffic pattern. “The departure in Barbados usually has the aircraft over water so most people wouldn’t see a large aircraft over land very often.”

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