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Canada's Flagship Airline Announces Details On New LCC

Posted: Tue Dec 18, 2012
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Air Canada Rouge:
Canada's Flagship Airline Announces Details On New Low-Cost Carrier
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There's a new airline in Canada, and it's looking to serve travellers flying to Europe and the Caribbean. Air Canada announced the details behind its low-cost carrier — Rouge —Tuesday morning in Toronto.

The carrier is set to take flight starting in July using four planes from the company's current fleet: two Boeing 767s and two Airbus 319s. Rouge will be flying to Greece, Italy, Scotland, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Cuba and Costa Rica. These destinations were either not previously offered by Air Canada, or weren't profitable enough to maintain with any of Air Canada's other carriers.

"With leisure time at a premium, Air Canada Rouge will combine affordable fares, great service and choice leisure destinations with those benefits offered by Air Canada and Air Canada Vacations that are valued most by vacation travellers," said Michael Friisdahl, president and CEO of Air Canada's Leisure Group at the conference in Toronto.

Like a present under a Christmas tree, Air Canada has kept details of their carrier under wraps for months, though according to the Toronto Star, Rouge will eventually ramp up the number of planes to 50, some of which include Boeing's 787 Dreamliner aircraft, set to debut in 2014.

Pricing has yet to be determined, but Air Canada is introducing special introductory fares until Christmas Day. If flying from Toronto, travellers can expect prices ranging anywhere from $269 for a one-way ticket to Kingston, Jamaica and as high as $949 for a round-trip to Venice, Italy. The prices are comparable, or slightly lower, than currently available fares, though these are carried out in conjunction with other airlines, like Lufthansa.

Passengers flying Rouge can also expect two classes of seats on the Boeing 767 planes — what Air Canada is calling Rouge Plus and Premium Rouge. Rouge Plus seats will feature additional legroom, while Premium Rouge seats tack on "additional seating comfort, space and enhanced meal and beverage service", according to an Air Canada press release. Passengers flying on Rouge's Airbus A319 jets will only have the option of Rouge Plus seats.

The National Post is also reporting these planes will be the first in Air Canada's fleet to feature a wireless in-flight entertainment system that can stream stored content to personal laptops and other electronic devices.

Re: Canada's Flagship Airline Announces Details On New LCC

Posted: Tue Dec 18, 2012
by bimjim
Not really a "new airline" - it even has the Air Canada logo on the tail. And I wonder how long it will be before "rouge" fails and it becomes just another seating section in the legacy fleet, like Tango did?

Management by thousands of MBA sledgehammers... one of the most expensive, top-heavy airlines to operate in the world, no wonder they call it "Air Monopoly".

Re: Canada's Flagship Airline Announces Details On New LCC

Posted: Wed Dec 19, 2012
by islandflyer
Why a name like "rouge"? Are they trying to tell us something? Why not pirate, thief, or vagabond?

Re: Canada's Flagship Airline Announces Details On New LCC

Posted: Thu Dec 20, 2012
by FL av8r
Its a fascinating create a "low cost carrier" using high cost aircraft!

Re: Canada's Flagship Airline Announces Details On New LCC

Posted: Thu Dec 20, 2012
by bimjim
As usual for today's corporate world, it's a top-heavy company hammering the employees to take lower salaries and benefits. Air Canada is a former government Corporation that has never lost that superior, money-hungry attitude and civil service mentality.

Thousands of highly-paid managers and executives sit around and occasionally create "new entities" which copy the Air Monopoly model (same top heavy management, minimal low-paid employees) and think they finally have something to make their name on.

Here's an idea for you, Air Monopoly - that is, if you REALLY want to create a low cost model airline: Go hands-off and appoint just six of your "competent" "managers" to administer handle "rouge" in its enteirety, let it run itself, and stop interfering in the business. Then we can all see just how "competent" those "managers" really are without the huge soft cushion of the parent company absorbing losses into well-hidden cost centres and how much they can make by way of profit without the cross-Canada structure to support it without having to pay for the services.

Otherwise, you're just wasting everybody's time and money. We all know you're going to fudge the books and the numbers, everybody in the company is going to "play the game" - and at the end of five years "Rouge" (capital R) will become yet another failure, yet another experiment to slowly fade away, and yet another fancy name for a discount seating section in your aircraft.

But maybe then you will "make lemonade" from all those lemons and adjust the names of your seating areas to "Vert", Jaune", "Taupe", "Rose" and "Rouge". And there's another idea for you... free of charge.