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Regional Jet Express

News about this airline - please include a link to the source as well as the article text itself.
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Re: Regional Jet Express

Unread post by Jazzman » Sat Mar 21, 2009

Cutting-edge technology that allows the 328 jet to climb fast (3,690 feet per minute) and land on short runways; its state-of-the-art cockpit has the same instrumentation as a Boeing 777

Now there is a load of crap.

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Re: Regional Jet Express

Unread post by Tupolev 204 » Sun Mar 22, 2009

I can't find an Official website from the company much less and email or tel phone number, address using Google. Dominica News Online has removed this news item from its website. But I still see it listed on other websites.

I certainly hope its not someone's get rich scheme. We have had to many Caribbean based airline failures since 2000

Caribbean Star
Caribbean Sun
Carib Aviation
EC Xpress

An so many others.

As a Dominican we need a new airline to compete against LIAT, American Eagle which currently enjoy a monopoly. Dominica has two new luxury resorts opening in 2009


More importantly is first luxury resort built in the Kalinago (Carib) Territory

http://www.dominica-weekly.com/news/gov ... e-project/

Six Sense Resort and Spa hotel plans a resort in the Northeast of the island in 2010.

The Government plans to complete the much delayed night landing system end of 2009 before elections in 2010.
As a Dominican I have no faith in the Dominica Labour Party who has been in power in 2000. 2010 in Elections in Dominica both opposition parties the Dominica Freedom Party and Dominica United Workers Party are Pro International Airport to replace Canefield Airport and Melville Hall Airport.

I am all for replaceing our Airports with a better new International Airport. It can be done and should be done. It would have been built in the United Workers Party won in 2000, 2005. Hopefully in 2010 we can see something change if the opposition parties start campaigning early since right now they are very disorganized and lack young new candidates with new ideas.
Celebration of Flight Movie
The first airplane built in Dominica, proud to be part of this film. N257DR Vans RV 8, share the dream of flight with us.


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Re: Regional Jet Express

Unread post by Jamaicanflyer » Sun Mar 22, 2009

I have heard they have been starting since last year....but they may end up like Airone and SKN Express..

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Re: Regional Jet Express

Unread post by bimjim » Sun Mar 22, 2009

As a former LIAT pilot I can tell you that the "experts" who all said there could be night landing facilities at Melville Hall or Canefield were probably lining their pockets, getting kickbacks for all the expensive lighting installations, and laughing all the way back to wherever they came from. Book a single one of them to land at either airport after dark and I would put money on it they would change their flight to a daytime one.

Night landings at either airport is asking for trouble, and the fatalities would not be limited to those on board - in both locations there are many people living in the close environs who would be wiped out too, if not by the aircraft itself or flying debris then by the ensuing fire.

The wingtip and terrain clearances are already too close during the day - when they can be seen... at night it is just simply too dangerous.

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Re: Regional Jet Express

Unread post by Emyootu » Mon Apr 13, 2009

Well said, Bimjim. I for one, would not be one to do any of those night landings there. Use to do Bequia at night when they had their system initially up and running, and that was enough folly. No small wonder the company's policy soon abandoned that practice.

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Re: Regional Jet Express

Unread post by BugSpeed » Fri Sep 25, 2009

Darn right about that guys, Dom is a daylight VFR ops airlield, unless you start chopping hills down. And I see they trying to do that too. LOL

As for the Link to the airline I found this for a start.


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