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[C'bean Helicopters] Plane lands safely with defective tyre

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[C'bean Helicopters] Plane lands safely with defective tyre

Unread post by bimjim » Sat Mar 26, 2016

http://antiguaobserver.com/small-plane- ... tive-tyre/

[Caribbean Helicopters] Small plane lands safely with defective tyre
Tameika Malone
March 22, 2016
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    A nine-seater aircraft being towed from the runway after landing in Antigua, from Barbuda, with a flat tyre. (OBSERVER media photo)
The emergency response team at V C Bird International Airport was on high alert yesterday after an incoming aircraft notified the control tower that it should prepare for an emergency landing. At about 3:40 pm, a PA-31 350 aircraft registered to Caribbean Helicopters arrived in Antigua from Barbuda with a deflated tyre, having noticed the issue with the landing gear midflight.

OBSERVER media was outside the airport fence in time to see the white plane with aquamarine nose and tail being towed by a twin cab pickup truck and a fire engine and ambulance in close proximity.

Managing Director of Caribbean Helicopters, Neil Dickinson said it was a precautionary notification where the pilot noticed the defective tyre after taking off from Coco Point in Barbuda and, as a result, he followed the appropriate procedures.

“The authorities were notified that there was a potential emergency landing and fortunately due to the skills of the pilot involved, it was a minor situation; the plane landed safely and no one was injured. There was no damage to the airplane other than the busted tyre,” Dickinson said.

The pilot and copilot were the only two people onboard the nine-seater aircraft. He said a full diagnostic evaluation is being carried out by the maintenance team and the plane is expected to return to service by Wednesday.

Reports reaching our newsroom were that Governor General Sir Rodney Williams was a passenger on the plane. But when contacted, Sir Rodney said he did travel from Barbuda, however he was not onboard the plane that ran into difficulties.

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