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[Jamaica, Letter of the Day] Why not maximise Vernamfield?

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[Jamaica, Letter of the Day] Why not maximise Vernamfield?

Unread post by bimjim » Thu Nov 14, 2019

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[Jamaica, Letter of the Day] Why not maximise Vernamfield?
Wednesday | November 13, 2019
Gladstone Taylor


I have read with interest an article on an announcement by Minister Robert Montague that a feasibility study is being undertaken with a view to building an airport in Mandeville, Manchester.

While I applaud and support every effort to improve local air travel within Jamaica, I am disappointed that the proposed plan to rehabilitate the Vernamfield airstrip in Clarendon cannot be expanded to include commercial air travel with a view to serving the Mandeville area as well, since the new highway has already reduced travel time between May Pen and Mandeville.

In addition, the railroad could also be rehabilitated for light rail travel with parallel lines between Portmore (St Catherine) and Mandeville via Spanish Town, Old Harbour, May Pen, Vernam Field/Milk River.

Vernamfield would then join Montego Bay, Kingston, and Boscobel as a fourth international airport.

Some of the money saved by my proposal (that is, not building a new airport in Mandeville at this time) could then be spent in developing the Milk River facilities and providing a linkage highway from May Pen and from Mandeville to Vernamfield/Milk River.

I believe that doing so would partially solve the problem stated by Minister Montague, while making the Milk River Bath more accessible and marketable for eco and health tourism, etc.

St Albans, NY, USA

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