ALP blames UPP for airport troubles

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ALP blames UPP for airport troubles

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ALP blames UPP for airport troubles
Wednesday January 07 2009
by Afeefah Beharry

The opposition Antigua Labour Party (ALP) has condemned the ruling United Progressive Party (UPP) for its handling of matters relating to the air traffic controllers and is calling on them to seek an expeditious solution to the matter.

The ALP said that Antigua and Barbuda’s vital tourism image in the international community has been the subject of “great shame and embarrassment.”

“The action by air traffic controllers aggrieved about their conditions of work, has been allowed to drag from one year into the next at a time of peak visitor movements in and out of the country,” an ALP press release stated.

According to the statement, the frequent flight delays and cancellations wreaked havoc with airline schedules and caused costly professional dislocations and other inconveniences to the travelling public.

“Spencer and Lovell twiddled their thumbs pondering the next round of vulgar abuse to be directed at the leadership of the Antigua Labour Party,” the release stated. “We have cautioned them before and we caution them again that hating Lester Bird, Gaston Browne and Asot Michael, has never been and will never be in the public interest of government that works for the benefit of people.”

It is urging the government to engage air traffic control employees in urgent, purposeful and responsible negotiations to end the “impasse” at VC Bird International Airport and to effectively avert the danger of any repeat of “such disruptive actions especially during these times of rapidly declining tourist arrivals.”

The air traffic controllers have maintained, however, that their flow control system should be treated separately from their negotiations with government. Following a meeting this week, the government has agreed to go over in detail a counter proposal and get back to the air traffic controllers in seven days.

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