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[Barbados] Air traffic controllers all call in sick

Barbados Air Traffic Controllers' Association
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[Barbados] Air traffic controllers all call in sick

Unread post by bimjim » Mon Nov 30, 2009

http://www.nationnews.com/news/local/ai ... py-for-web

Air traffic controllers all call in sick
Published on: 11/29/2009.

AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLERS at the Grantley Adams International Airport (GAIA) all reported sick yesterday.

But according to GAIA authorities, the action had no negative effect on the airport's daily functions.

In a Press release issued by the Ministry of International Business and International Transport yesterday, it admitted the industrial action.

"There has been no disruption in flight operations at the airport, and none is envisaged," GAIA's corporate communications specialist Keith Goddard said in the Press release.

The release did not state why the controllers all called in sick or how many controllers were absent.

Sources said senior management worked the controls yesterday.

The SUNDAY SUN was also unable to get a comment on why hundreds of passengers arriving yesterday afternoon were unable to exit the arrival hall, for up to three hours.

One eyewitness said: "There were tons of passengers... and many of the passengers were very frustrated, because of how slow everything was going."

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Bad attitudes of workers : 11/30/2009
I don't mean to dump on anyone, but I am always told my the Tourist board that Barbadian national should encourage their friends to come to Barbados. I am always getting reports of poor attitudes, long lines and frustration upon arrival in Barbados. Frankly, it would appear that these professionals have no idea what tourism means to the country or they simply don't care. This is a serious matter and Bajan need to wake up. Also, what's up with all the strikes? People strike at the drop of a hat. Now it is the traffic controllers. Personally, I would fire all these strikers that affect the commerce of the nation.

RE;RA : 11/29/2009
I'm in barbados often and rearly find it slow in immigration. If it's on a day that virgin ,BA and AA arriving within 45 mins (AA is the last of the three) the place is jammed.I's a small placed .Are you one of those who get off the plane at jfk an run like hell to beat the crowd.Immigration at jfk is twice the size of that at Grantley Adams

much to do about nothing : 11/29/2009
This has nothing to do with the topic.. but I think the immigration officers need to connect with there soft skills... I have had instances where they act really childish with the power they have.. and that holds up the process a lot...

I was at the airport yesterday and leaving and noticed quiet a bit of people lined up to get into the arrival hall way past my departure gate but before people run and blame the controllers it maybe that the waiting time increased because not only was it a Saturday but in he space of thirty minutes a Virgin 747 came in and prior to that two American 757 landed following which a US Airways 319 all at least bringing in 700 passengers at least not to mention that once the airplanes are on the ground it's not the controllers who have anything to do with the processing and speed at which passengers leave the arrival hall that is the responsibility of the immirgration officers who process them and the baggage handlers in getting the bags on the carousels.
B Jaynes

Slow operations while getting out of immigration at the airport is nothing new.

I'm in and out of Barbados at least 6 times each year and it is always slow. For some reason, immigration officers never seem to be available in a timely manner or they're are never prepared.

On my last trip in earlier this month, there were two immigration officers available, one for locals and one for international folks and the plane was a packed 757. The internation folks were very upset and some mentioned that they would not be back to Barbados because it took a very long time.

Admittedly, the flight arrived about 15 minutes early but immigration should have been aware of this....

It seems to be an attitude problem of the airport workers especially immigration....they never seem to want to be there.
As the first Barbadians visitors would meet, it is a major turn off.

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Re: [Barbados] Air traffic controllers all call in sick

Unread post by islandflyer » Tue Dec 01, 2009

It is a carefully crafted ploy... once you arrive on our beautiful island, we want you to experience our professional attitude problems to get you accustomed to it, before you leave our fine airport and have to face it from the taxi drivers, the hotel workers, the shop attendant, the beach vendors, ....

If we don't help you get used to the bad attitudes, you might get the wrong idea, and actually spoil your vacation.

Have a nice day.

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