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JALPA accuses new Air Jamaica owners of victimization

Jamaica Air Line Pilots' Association
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JALPA accuses new Air Jamaica owners of victimization

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JALPA accuses new Air Jamaica owners of victimization
Wed. May.05,2010

The Jamaica Airline Pilots Association (JALPA) is adding to claims of victimisation of its members by the new owners of Air Jamaica.

The association believes its members have been shunned by the new owners because of their recent bid to acquire Air Jamaica.

The concerns raised by the association come approximately five days since the national airline was taken over by Caribbean Airlines.

JALPA, which represents airline pilots who were previously employed to Air Jamaica says the new owners, Air JamaicaCal Transition Ltd. did not offer new employment contracts to members.

Executive Secretary of JALPA, Maria Zaidie Haddad says members are upset that they have been overlooked during Caribbean Airlines' recruiting programme in which one thousand workers were rehired.

Ms. Haddad says members of JALPA are far from satisfied with the explanation given by the airline's new owners.

"The word they used was surplus. They needed a certain number of pilots about 77 and we had over 120 pilots so approximately 33 were not offered employment with the new Caribbean Airlines-Air Jamaica group. Of course all of those who were not offered were expecting changes to some degree. They are upset, some are wondering why they were not called, was it performance based, was it some other reason," Mrs. Zaidie Haddad said.

She says it is widely suspected that the recent acquisition bid may have been a deciding factor in members not being offered re-employment.

"I think it factored in for certain members of the association particularly the members of the Air Jamaica Acquisition Group to which Captain Capleton was the leader," she said.

It is understood that the late Captain Russel Capleton was among those who were not offered a new contract with Caribbean Airlines.

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