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Purpose of this section...

Notices to Users from the Administrator
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Purpose of this section...

Unread post by bimjim » Fri Oct 24, 2008

These Boards are provided towards cooperation - inter-personal, inter-association and intra-regional. For general discussion with everyone else, please use the General Discussion Board. For discussing subjects specific to your Association, your regional affiliations or your skillset you may initiate and continue a discussion on the appropriate Board here.

If you do not see an appropriate Board, please request one from the Administrator.

Additionally HIDDEN Boards may be added at request. In other words, all users can see most Boards on this Forum but there are existing Boards on this Forum which some users can not see - if you are not specifically subscribed to a hidden Board the link is simply are not visible anywhere - and if someone should send you the link, you will be denied access.

This allows for secure hidden discussions at any level - individual, association, regional, sectional whatever.

If at any time you think there is a subject that should be discussed privately at any level, you may send a request to the Administrator - bimjim - and the request will be taken seriously. Please be specific as to users and purpose.

Please note that if you wish to limit access of such a Board to a specific group of registered users here, there must be some way for the Administrator to determine whether an applicant qualifies for such access. Examples of qualification would be just a list of names, or as formal as a company seniority list or an official employee list. Additionally, specific on-line forms can be set up to gather such information to be submitted to the Administrator.


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