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Elektra, Cleaver Winair CEO talk Winair recovery post Irma

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Elektra, Cleaver Winair CEO talk Winair recovery post Irma

Unread post by bimjim » Sat Jan 20, 2018

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Elektra and Cleaver CEO of Winair talk about recovery of Winair post Hurricane Irma
18 Jan 2018


Radio host Elektra was pleased to have Winair’s President & CEO Mr. Michael Cleaver in an interview in her new morning program Elektra Groovin on Oasis 96.3 started on January 8th 2018.

The Groove Theory is the interview segment of Elektra’s show where her guests talk about various topics and serious issues. It’s about real talk in the “Groove Theory” Elektra says. Mr. Cleaver and Helena de Bekker, Marketing & Media Manager, accepted my invitation to the program to review and share progress of Winair post Irma.

Candid and open discussion took place with regards to the the preparations and preventative measures implemented by Winair before the passing of Hurricane Irma. The direct aftermath dealing with the devastation of the Winair buildings at SXM airport, Mr. Cleaver explained in detail about the efforts, diligence and helpful staff during the mass clean up, for which he commended his team.

Elektra posed questions regarding the aircraft safety and security, Mr. Cleaver explained that certain requirements and regulations must be maintained no matter what the circumstances are, to ensure the safety of all passengers. The hangar was severely damaged after the storm all aircraft were serviced and operated out of St. Kitts.

Winair helped with the evacuation of persons post Irma via relief flights and also brought in essential relief supplies for the community. Communication with their customers was also a very interesting element during the interview with Elektra. It was very important to get reconnected to the customers, Mr. Cleaver pointed out, both locally and internationally, so the search for new office spaces was a priority.

Winair found a very suitable space and are now currently located on the Pondfill in Philipsburg. At this location Winair customers have easy access to Winair sales and reservations agents that will assist them to fulfill their travel needs.

Winair will permanently maintain this sales office in Philipsburg to better serve its customers. When asked what the outlook for the 2018 and developments for Winair in the near future, Mr. Cleaver was happy to say that Winair now serves Haiti with a new Airbus 320 with 150 seats (138 economy and 12 first class seats).

“It is important to serve this market, as it is often overlooked” stated Mr. Cleaver. Winair is continually searching for new markets, however the priority remains restoring full service to the region. Elektra was enlightened by the interview when Mr. Cleaver pointed out to the radio listeners that it is essential for everybody to work together to help the island. Winair plays a very important role as a hub connection for passengers traveling via St. Maarten with connecting flights to islands throughout the region.

“Continuous talks are being held with different stakeholders and progress is being made” he said. Elektra was happy to have Mr. Cleaver and Helena de Bekker as guests on her show and thanked them very much for doing the live interview and connecting with the community through radio.

Mr. Cleaver thanked all board members, staff, stakeholders, Telem, GEBE and SXM Airport for the outstanding help to assist Winair in resumption serving the community once again. Tune in to Elektra Groovin Weekdays 7am to 10am for more interesting guests and interviews and let the Groove get in!

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