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Cleaver new Winair CEO

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Cleaver new Winair CEO

Unread post by michaelawai » Sun Oct 23, 2011

http://www.thedailyherald.com/islands/1 ... r-ceo.html

[St. Maarten] Cleaver new Winair CEO
Friday, 21 October 2011

AIRPORT--Businessman and aviation veteran Michael Cleaver is the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Windward Islands Airways International Winair. Cleaver started his tenure on October 1, as part of the restructuring of the fifty-year-old airline.

The airline's new management structure includes former Managing Director Edwin Hodge as Chief Operations Officer (COO) and a yet-to-be-identified Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

The appointment of Cleaver is also meant to re-instil life and new approaches for the debt-ridden but proud airline. Hodge was retained for his wealth of knowledge of the airline, in particular operationally.

Reports on Winair concluded that in order for it to regain operational profitability, the airline must, as a start, go back to its core calling of servicing minimal destinations (Saba, St. Eustatius, St. Barths), before expanding to new destinations.

Additionally, these reports outlined that Winair must find ways to increase income structurally, decrease expenditures structurally and re-examine the type of aircraft it utilises and how many aircraft it has in service.
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